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Quelle partoutgaille!

It is with some amusement that I read of the latest twist in the UMP leader election in France (to replace Sarkozy), namely the claim from the François Fillon camp that 1,178 overseas territories votes have been left out of the final calculation by the (apparently utterly incompetent) election committee, and that when counted these votes mean a swing from a win by 98 for Jean-François Copé over Fillon, as opposed to the 98 vote win announced for Copé on Monday.

What a shambles!  Indeed, in the new British terminology coined to desxribe a political party consistently making embarassing mistakes, what an omnishambles!

This begs the obvious question.  Given the UMP’s current state of chaos, how should we translate ‘omnishambles’, as a present to our friends on the French left? I’m sure they’d love a word like that to rub salt in the open wounds of the UMP.

‘Quelle pagaille!’ is OK for ‘What a shambles!’, I guess.

So how does the fusion of ‘partout’ [everywhere] and’ pagaille,’ as in ‘Quelle partoutgaille!’ fit?

Not perfect, I know, so I’m open to offers from proper linguists.

Update: Quick as a flash Richard (@barsacq) tells me of the word ‘omnipagaille’ he’s found on a blog devoted to white magic (why he reads it I hate to think.) So that’s settled.

Update update: Now he tells me not to use that. Wish I hadn’t started.

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