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Tories ready for Beli Like Jasa like facebook election ?

Jasa Like Facebook

The media has been making Beli Like a lot out of the possibility of a snap Jasa Like Facebook election, since Labour have been lining up PR companies and campaign managers and such like. Inevitably, the journalists have thought about the obverse of that particular coin; whether or not the Conservatives are ready to make their case to the nation.…

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James Purnell should stick two fingers up at the Tories

James Purnell

Having just read over the story in the Manchester Evening News about Culture Secretary James Purnell and the “fake photograph” I have come to conclude that Purnell should stay in his job and tell the Conservatives to take a long walk off a short pier. I was watching the film Bulworth this evening and I think it provides an interesting…

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Top 5 Political Influences Meme

Political Influences Meme

My thanks to the People’s Commissar for Political Influences Meme Enlightenment who tagged us to offer up our top five political influences. I don’t speak for the other writers – each of whom should definitely post theirs separately – but here are mine. 1. Aneurin Bevan I first came across Aneurin Bevan whilst randomly looking over some books my grandfather owned…

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