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Top 5 Political Influence for Jeff

Political Influence

As I was reading Dave’s top 5 political influences, I couldn’t help but notice that we shared two of them. I do want to mention that I don’t name these people necessarily because I agree with everything they did (all people are flawed), but because of their influence on my way of thinking (or not thinking, as the case may…

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Marxism, National Questions and the need for Internationalism

National Questions

As a Marxist, it continually disappoints me that the British labour movement has never developed a consistent ideology that demands solidarity and activism at home whilst exporting trade unionism and a politicised working class abroad. Even with respect to Northern Ireland, the attitude of the British labour movement is hardly well thought out. Figures I respect often have extremely dubious…

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An Open Letter for Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband

A long time prior Ed Miliband gave what was marked a watershed discourse, in which he looked for utilize the Falkirk determination hoo-hah to kick-begin a radical new way to deal with party-union relations, and at last to redevelop Labor as a mass enrollment party. Why such an approach should have been kick-begun by occasions in a solitary parliamentary choice…

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