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Chavez; turning out to be a bit of a bastard?

Chavez Labour Party

A fascinating article from centrist thinkers over at Harry’s Place, home of the pro-war left, yesterday. It discusses the release of the International Trade Union Congress’ 2007 report on trade union rights violations from across the world. Hugo Chavez is a pretty controversial figure, not least because from the lemmings of the Socialist Worker’s Party and from the International Marxist…

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Miliband proves that yes, Labour can out-jingo George Bush

Labour can out-jingo George Bush

“For ten years we’ve been uncompromising in defence of our values, unapologetic that every citizen of every nation deserves the freedom and equal rights of a true democracy. I believe we were right to do so.” With these words, David Miliband gave his own father, may he rest in peace, a good slap in the face. The son of a…

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