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Chavez; turning out to be a bit of a bastard?

Chavez Labour Party

Chavez bastardA fascinating article from centrist thinkers over at Harry’s Place, home of the pro-war left, yesterday. It discusses the release of the International Trade Union Congress’ 2007 report on trade union rights violations from across the world.

Hugo Chavez is a pretty controversial figure, not least because from the lemmings of the Socialist Worker’s Party and from the International Marxist Tendency inside the Labour Party, he has pretty much received uncritical, unqualified support to go about his Bolivarian revolution in the hope that he would go further. Onwards to socialism etc!

Anyone who thinks Tony Benn has a bit of nerve taking a position against the war after having visited Saddam Hussein would be shocked to see some of the things written by Alan Woods, Ted Grant’s successor to the mad Militants in Labour, about Chavez.

At any rate, do peruse the report. I will have more time to comment later this evening and we’ll see if Harry’s Place is really being representative of life under Chavez.

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