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TCF has always been a fairly free forum for debate. Recently, with the discovery of the site by various BNP trolls, it has become necessary to institute a comments’ policy. The rules shall be as follows, so that everyone may know, act and expect to be treated accordingly.

1. No petty racism. A lot of people have problems with the idea of other cultures and how they integrate into ‘British’ culture. The fact that no one here shares those views does not mean they are not a valid subject for debate. But we will not tolerate petty racial slurs, such as calling Shami Chakrabarti by the name Chickenbalti.

2. No linking to fascist or racist sites. This one speaks for itself. Politics and web-rankings are both zero-sum games. If you wish to argue with us, have at it, but this site will not be used to transfer traffic to other bloggers who spend their time spreading racist or fascist views. Our readers can find those sites on their own, if they wish.

3. Limit the personal insults. Each writer on TCF will decide for themselves when the personal insults outweigh the value of a given debate. I am generally casual about it, others have the right not to take it at all – so to be sure of getting heard, limit the insults. Comments that overstep the mark will simply be deleted without notice.

4. No excess stupidity. A recent comment suggested “multiculturalism is illegal” and spent a fair time ranting on the subject. If you think multiculturalism should be illegal, say so. Don’t make stupid assertions that take more time to argue with than they are worth. These may simply go in the trash can.

These rules may be added to over time, but each time I will submit a date annotation so that people can keep track.

– DS


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