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Lib-Dems are not new left but new Tories


Back in the 1980’s, the Liberal Democrats fought against the idea of assisted places; giving good students places at independent schools. It was a Conservative idea and like most Tory ideas was designed to undermine the state school sector still further by depriving it of yet more interested parents and gifted children. It’s something they share with their right-wing friends…

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Marxism, National Questions and the need for Internationalism

National Questions

As a Marxist, it continually disappoints me that the British labour movement has never developed a consistent ideology that demands solidarity and activism at home whilst exporting trade unionism and a politicised working class abroad. Even with respect to Northern Ireland, the attitude of the British labour movement is hardly well thought out. Figures I respect often have extremely dubious…

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US Politics

An Honorable Way Out

impeach Dick Cheney

Honorable Way out – The Democratic Party has a simple way to end this war and end the horrific nightmare that has been the George Bush Presidency. It’s a three step process. One: impeach Dick Cheney. This seems simple and self-evident to me. This guy has no excuse for being a member of government.His influence in pushing forward the Iraq…

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