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Does NuLab fuckwittery know no bounds?

Okay. time for some honesty. I would love to see Labourlist, this new endeavour by Derek Draper, bite the dust hard. It unites a long list of supreme bores with their own agendas under the guise of building a Labour blogging community which could rival the supposed and oft-vaunted Tory hold of the blogosphere.

While proclaiming the death of “command and control” on the internet (whatever that means), it simultaneously indulges in a heavy editorial policy. The attitude of its seeming director, Draper, who I think is a pillock, is none too friendly with regard to dissent. This can be seen on Tim Ireland’s blog, here.

Draper only flaunts his lack of accountability, and rather jingoistically proclaims that in not answering criticism he is pursuing his original agenda of “mass media”, not “geek ghetto.” Very catchy. I also noted with interest that our dear friend Tom Miller is being copied in on these emails, mere days after we were having a discussion about hackery.

I wonder what Tom thinks of Draper’s antics and Labourlist, despite having agreed to contribute to that site.

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  1. January 18, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    great minds think alike. Complete tedium….

  2. January 19, 2009 at 2:10 am

    Twill be interesting to see how it develops. I mean, say the issue of for example, a windfall tax on the energy monopolies to help the vulnerable pay their bills. What will the response be? It’ll be interesting to see…

  3. Duncan
    January 19, 2009 at 7:49 am

    Well I await something interesting with baited breath!

    Yeah – I tried to engage with this a bit at the start, left a couple of constructive comments. But there’s no conversation in the comments, the articles so far have been quite exceptionally dull (and this from a man who has read every inter-war copy of the Birmingham Town Crier and the Bradford Pioneer cover-to-cover and the full minute books for half-a-dozen CLPs for the whole 1950s… I have a high boredom threshold!)

    Hmm… Maybe something interesting will happen when it officially launches? But really they’ve missed a trick because there was quite a bit of press. At the moment it’s just Progress Online wth comments (can you comment at Progress Online anyway?) and a few extra attack pieces (which don’t seem to hit home all that well).

  4. January 19, 2009 at 10:06 am

    Ooh-err. I get back online after a few days bering middle-aged-with-domestic-crap time out, and there’s all sorts going on.

    To be fair to Tom M, I’m not sure you can criticiese him for being copied into emails – there’s no evidence I can see (not that I looked very hard)that he’s asked to be copied in, and the explanation surely lies less with Tom as LabourList contributer, more with the boy Draper clearly having read Laclau and Mouffe and seeking to extend political boundaries around Tom as part of his dastardly hegemomic articulation and creation of differentiated ‘othernesses’ (more on this matter anon).

    As for Labourlist, liek you I simply don’t understand what thw first bit of this (from one Mark Hanson on the Comment is Free article you refer to) actually means:

    “New media is not about the party website, it’s about going out to communities where they are, whether they be members or floating voters,” said Hanson, who explained that the grassroots needed to be treated with respect by devolving control to them, and encouraging ministers to ditch “politics speak” when they talk to people online.

    ‘Going out to where communities are’? What?

    I do understand the ‘ditching politics speak’ all too well though – and this is supposed to be about gettingrid of ‘command and control’? Gramsci would have a thing or two to say about intellectual reform, but i’m not sure his comments would get past the moderator.

    Anyway, back to the geek ghetto for me – which I think is some kind of shorthand for actually bothering to look at the details of how people get to live round here.

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