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BBC editorial choice

I’ll come back in a day or two with a Grasmcian analyisis of thimagese BBC’s editorial decision to give the BNP a massive leg up, but first here’s the BBC and it’s editorial decision to try and shaft the postal workers.

 Here, about 11 mins 20 sec into the main evening time new programme on Radio Five Live on Friday evening, is a carefully selected business owner talking about how the postal strike has affected her:

Presenter (P): This [the postal strike] is really hitting you hard, isn’t it?

Business owner (BO): Yes very hard indeed.  Our orders are down about 50% on their normal rate.

P: What the kind of business you’re in?  Let’s first of all talk about that.

BO: Well, we sell gifts and Christmas accessories, so the Christmas period is crucial to us.  It’s the time when we take about 45% of the takings in the year.  So it is absolutely crucial to us.

P:  Are you in that period already? 

BO: Well, it does start around the end of October.  People tend to shop a bit earlier on line because they want to make sure they get the items in time for Christmas.

P: So you truly believe that this is business that’s lost rather than delayed.

BO: I do believe, yes.  When I look at he figures for last year we were doing really well.  We were 30% up on last year but then in mid October they were down on last year so I’ve kind of worked out that they’re about 50% down. If you take into account that it should have risen.

P: Right so if they do strike again next week, how much of a chunk does that take out of your business?

BO: I haven’t worked that out but I just hope that something’s done to avert it because I haven’t been able to pay my staff’s wages this month and that’s due to the reduced turnover.  I’ve had to prioritize payments and the people that the people that were threatening legal action will be paid first and the wages will be paid next week, hopefully.

P:  Yeah, I don’t doubt that you’re having difficulty but I would just want again how much of that is down to the strikes that have taken place this week and how much down to the very gloomy news that Peter [a fellow presenter] touched on at the beginning of the programme that we have an economy that is struggling.

So let’s just look at that.

The BBC research team for its flagship radio news programme has selected for extended interview a business owner whose business is struggling to the extent that she’s got legal action letters from her creditors, and who has made payments to them in preference to her workers.  The editor allows it.

To be fair to the presenter, even she seems surprised at the selection, and tries vainly to untangle issues about a business on the edge of bankruptcy from what the interview was supposed to be about.

It’s not the presenter’s fault.  Surely the question is about the editorial decision to select for interview someone whose business is failing either because of the recession (and lack of bank lending to keep her afloat), or perhaps because what she sells is really crap.

Bias against the working class is simply what the ruling class does well – so well it comes naturally. 

And as we’ll see from my forthcoming masterful Gramsican analysis of the BBC’s decision to do the BNP in the way it did, when the cosy liberal superstructure to the ruling class try to do things differently, they can easily make things worse.



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  1. Robert
    October 26, 2009 at 9:45 am

    Mandelson was talking yesterday about the strike , he stated I have nothing to do with this, they have not been in touch at all, the Royal mail workers had a deal on the table but turned it down. Not bad for somebody not in touch. Then yesterday Crozier stated yesterday I’m in touch with the government and with Mandelson regularly.

    It’s like children playing games with peoples lives.

    For years I was involved with disability rights, I did a number of TV interviews, and then labour came out with a green paper on welfare reforms, the green paper was issued and the BBC did a program on benefits cheats, we had another green paper a few years later and the BBC did another program on benefits cheats, now this green paper and we had Saints and scroungers.

    labour and it’s lap dog the BBC.

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