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Cameron gets it; Jowell doesn’t

Iain Dale has the text of Cameron’s New Year speech up.  Quite rightly the media will be paying particular attention to this short but important little snippet:

‘But let’s make sure the election is a proper argument about the future of the country, not some exercise in fake dividing lines.’

Cameron recognises here what Tessa Jowell misses in her nonsense about ‘hideous’ ‘class war’ (reported on by Dave earlier).  By playing the one nation card at this stage, he is effectively admitting the Tories are deeply rattled by the prospect of a Labour move towards a class-based electoral strategy. 

He’s seen the opinion polls, he’s seen the financial context in which such a strategy might be implemented, and he’s afraid. 

Let’s put aside for now the staggering hypocrisy of the leader of a party talking about parties coming together to ‘sort out Britain’s problems’ after a ‘good clean fight’ when that same party has shown itself prepared, in its own electoral interests, both to talk down the currency and to talk up the prospect of a reduction in the sovereign credit rating and consequent worsened credit terms. 

On the matter of electoral strategy, Cameron’s dead right.

He knows that, if Labour gets it right and makes the right appeal about what it might mean to be a worker under a Tory government – whether you identify yourself as middle class worker, a working class worker, or a worker without the prospect of work – then the sheer numbers start to stack in Labour’s favour.

Tessa Jowell and Jack Straw need to listen more to what Cameron is saying.  On this matter, he’s ahead of them.

  1. December 27, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    Reading that interview with Jowell in the Torygraph, she’s under the impression that you can’t have both – aspirations and anger about Tory plans to cut taxes for the wealthiest…

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