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Orwell and me, 2009

Here, doubling as a review of my blogging year, is my chronological (draft) list of 10 posts for Orwell Prize submission

I’ve tried to reflect a spread across the year, and a range of areas of interest, alongside a smattering of the autobiographical (Orwell was into that, so I might win).  

Plus there’s a couple where I’ve just been having a bit of a laugh.

Comments welcome, though not expected.   Be interesting to see Dave’s selection of his favourite posts of 2009, if he can be arsed.  And anyone else’s if they fancy it. Apart from Tom Harris.  His’ll just be crap.

The top ten

The socialist strategy of Laclau and Mouffe: the hegemonic baby of discursive social antagonsism and the murky bathwaters of post-Marxism  (28 January)

Churchill and my dad: Why I’ll march against the BNP (part 2)  (23 February)

Liberty, Liberals and the ‘I’ word: the challenge for socialists (01 March)

Fears for rightwing bloggers as ‘humourless’ gag not understood at all by dour lefties (24 April)

Blond: Brainy, brave but a bit too Blunkett (04 July)

Conservatives on international development: from dog whistle rhetoric to the slightly sickening (19 July)

Ideology over algebra (15 September)

Top Ten Tory conference lies  (09 October)

Liz Truss exclusive: new shocking revelations (16 November)

A short, personal history of class and gender inequality in the NHS (part 1) (21 November)

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