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Cameron’s Brazilian moment

This description of the arrogant style of Cameron and Osborne, by someone who has either seen it himself or had it recounted to him by Tory insiders, is interesting:

When David Cameron and George Osborne move between their suite of offices at the eastern end of the parliamentary estate and the Commons chamber they do so with a pomp that would not embarrass a medieval monarch. A crowd of attendants accompanies them, constantly changing positions but never disrupting the order: staffer, Cameron, staffer, Osborne, staffer. The party moves through the corridors at breakneck speed, heads thrown back, staring into the middle distance rather than looking around at their colleagues.

If that’s what Tory insiders get, then the rest of us need to be pretty worried. 

It puts me in mind of this short scene (about 5mins 20 secs in) from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.  Tory dystopia, indeed.

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  1. January 31, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    It’s true about the little entourage they have.

    When I was working in Parliament I used to see D-Cam and his courtiers periodically.

    one time I was going down the escalator towards the exit to get to the tube, and hear a familiar voice directly behind me.

    Yes, it was D-Cam on the immediate step to my rear, and behind him all his cronies. I considered turning round and lamping him. “What’s a lost job for 15 minutes of fame and a life-time story?” I thought – but of course, i bottled it.

    As I stood, ruing my lost chance, the entourage scuttled off down the corridor, led by the shiney sheen of D-Cam’s forehead which is, believe me or not, far far shinier in real life under artificial lights than you can possibly imagine.

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