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And on the matter of apologies

And while I’m busy on apologies, I’ll take the opportunity to apologise to David Simister, of the Simantics blog, for not linking to him earlier, like I promised.

David is a local (to me) journalist and his blog offers up some interesting views from a journalist perspective, not least about changes in local and regional media. 

He says he’s not got many readers at the moment, which is a shame, because of course getting readers means you’re encouraged to write more stuff, and he’s got stuff to say.

As I’ve set out here, I’m increasingly interested in the shape of local media to come in the context of declining reader numbers amongst the more traditional city papers (the Liverpool Echo excluded), but also the way in which titles like David’s Ormskirk and Skelmersdale Champion are still able to expand into other areas (they’ve just started up in nearby Litherland and Crosby, as well as being in Southport). 

More particuarly, I’m interested in how leftwing blogs might either supersede or complement the varying quantity and quality of local political and economic coverage, and will soon be devoting quite a lot of time and whatever remains of my energies around this.  Insa’allah.

For that reason alone, I’m interested in what people like David have to say from the local journo coal face, even though it’s not leftwing stuff, and I’d be interested in any links readers have for local journo blogs elsewhere in the country, which they think offer up interesting stuff about how local media is changing/can be developed.

In David’s case, I think Paul Sagar from Bad Conscience, who comes frmo Southport and was until recently the LibDem MP’s researcher/constituency manager, might also be interested (and David interested in Paul’s blog). David, meet Paul.  Paul, meet David.

There you go, apology made, introductions done.  I try to be of service.

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  1. February 25, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    And here’s another connection: I did a two-month stint as an intern at The Champion before working for John Pugh.

    Though for the record, I am not personally, and never have been, a lib dem nor a member of the lib dem party. Though I was happy to work for John Pugh because he’s a brilliant, honest, hardworking MP I will always have a lot of time for.

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