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In your face, trolls

So Cameron is proposing 5,000 full-time,’professional’ community organizers operating nationwide. 

Let’s estimate, conservatively the salary and on-costs at £20,000 per year. 

So that’s £100 million per year to cover let’s say 60 million people.

That £1.66 per person per year, if the whole nation is covered – obviously a lot more if it’s more concentrated. 

I don’t know where the money’s coming from, though I’m told by email, in response to my earlier post, by someone closer to this action than I am, that:

The way they get round the astronomical costs that you identify for hiring community organisers is that the only costs for the community organisers which they are going to meet will be in training, and as part of their training they will learn how to do fund-raising to pay for their salaries. Don’t laugh. That is actually their plan. 


As a reference, the scheme at the cost set out above would cost between 5% and 8% of all the charitable giving by all 8,000 grant making Trusts & Foundations in the UK, or around 100% of all arts funding.  This is just for the staffing costs, and covers nothing in the way of costs for any community projects emanating from the organization. 

The only realistic way it can be paid for is by reducing existing grants and contracts to the voluntary and community sector (either directly or by squeezing Trusts and Foundations). 

 On the other hand, is what I was proposing a media-based, politicised, ‘community organization’ project costing around £80,000  per year to cover a medium-sized town of 30-40,000 households (let’s say £80,000 people).

That’s £1 per person. 

Unlike The Tories, I have set out fairly clearly where the whole cost might come from, including local advertising, union sponsorship, party contributions as well as direct sales and other commercial income and, in time, co-opted statutory PR budgets. 

Of course, when I suggested the kind of scale of operation needed, I was roundly ridiculed e.g. 

Eighty grand? Eighty THOUSAND Pounds???? Are you having a laugh. Are you serious?? 

Hang on, no, you are aren’t you??? 

Must be a socialist – their speciality is wasting money and committees. 

Yes, I was, and am, serious (though costs are coming down a bit) and plans are coming into place.   

Of course, the information-based power-focused activism I propose actually stands a chance of effecting some change, while the uncosted, Obama-lite, depoliticised ‘communities-are-lovely’ dross that Cameron puts forward, and is lapped up in surprising quarters, does not.  Even if the latter proposals come to pass, very soon they will be co-opted to precisely the state control that Cameron says he’s against.  That’s the top-down nature of the beast he seeks to create. 

Perhaps now, with Cameron and Co. having followed suit in terms of the scale of the operation at least, those bloggers who cast aspersions on my credibility as a social entrepreneur with the vision to combine masterfully wider policy and its grassroots implementation, might like to offer a humble apology. 

But I won’t hold my breath. 

  1. Mike
    April 1, 2010 at 11:32 am

    Is this the funding?

  2. April 1, 2010 at 11:51 am

    Mike @1: Yes, Hopi’s done good research, confirming more or less what I said above: “The only realistic way it can be paid for is by reducing existing grants and contracts to the voluntary and community sector (either directly or by squeezing Trusts and Foundations).”

    In fact he’s suggesting more that the money will come from grants that would have been made, rather than tear up existing agreements, though I suspect the scale of the funding needed would require both, with a significant level of funding shifted from existing voluntary sector infrastructure organisations to a brand new quango, the jobs in which will be applied for by the people losing theirs in the existing organisations.

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