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Your TCF Labour leadership wallchart

Leading by a whisker

The world cup is nearly over, and most Labour party members will need a new wallchart for the kitchen wall. 

What better new adornment than TCF’s informative and easy-to-use Labour leadership scoring chart?

Here, then, is your week 1 scoresheet.

Click, print, browse the TCF customised weighted scoring at your leisure.

I’ll be updating it weekly from now on, and when ballot papers go out, we’ll be ready to announce the final result, telling you how you should list your leadership preferences.  It’s all based on our highly socialist scientific methods, with absolutely no chance of error.  By following the chart, you’re sure to get the best available leader of the Labour party, of those shortlisted.

The chart simultaneously takes the stress out of deciding which way to vote, while still capturing the nip and tuck and rising excitement of the final stages.

Candidates, their teams and their supporters are invited to submit articles to TCF for our consideration to try and improve their vital points tally.

So where are we after week 1?

Just out ahead is Ed Balls on 32.50%, with the Milibros just behind  on 31.83% (Ed) and 29.17% (David).  Diane Abbott trails slightly on 28.33%.  Andy Burnham’s a late starter, and enters the fray next week when we’ve worked out what he’s about.

It really is all to play for. 

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  1. June 30, 2010 at 9:55 am

    This is a fantastic resource, Paul: many thanks for putting it together, and I admire your Stakhanovite aspiration to work out what Andy Burnham’s campaign is all about in less than a week. Good luck with that.

    Obviously, this chart ought to generate a lot of discussion – but let me lead off with just one question: I’m a bit surprised to see the candidates so close together on your scoring for the foreign policy question: how does it work that someone like Abbott, who was always opposed to Blairite liberal imperialism, comes out with the same score as David Miliband, one of its chief exponents?

  2. July 1, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Chris: This area is not solely about foreign policy as it relates to, let us say, Iraq/afghanistan. It’s also about wider devt issues, and actually David Miliband did some quite good stuff around, say, DRC Congo, while Diane Abbott has not been good on this wider brief to date, IMO. Also, the first week’s socring is a bit roguh and ready, but will be better refined when AB comes in. This was just to get it going and see if it has legs.

  3. Simon
    July 3, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    Could you elaborate by what you mean by this?

    “including devt of ECB as ‘sovereign’ fiscal authority”

    Are you suggesting giving more powers to the bureaucratic and unaccountable Central Bank and away from the elected Governments? Or are you sayaing this is the problem?

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