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Unit cost of Police Support Officer increases 769% in two months, shocking new statistics reveal

Shockingly crap statistics have revealed how the cost of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) surged by a massive 769% in two months. 

According to both the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, costs per crime detected were already a huge 156,000 per crime detected in October 2010.

But in figures revealed today by the Press Association, it has emerged that these costs have increased to a staggering £1.2 million per detection.   

That an increase of nearly 8 times in 8 weeks, or a 100% increase per week.

In October, the apolitical thinktank The Taxpayers Association were left fuming about the costs, with a spokesman only able to splutter:

Taxpayers want real bobbies on the beat, not these plastic policemen.  With no powers of arrest and incredibly low productivity, it is hard to see how these PCSOs are value for money for taxpayers, or indeed useful.

There has been no reaction from the well-regarded thinkthank today, and it is thought that all its spokespeople may simply be too apopleptic with rage even to speak.

The usual mealy-mouthed, politically correct voices have been wheeled out again to point out that detecting crime is not what PCSOs do anyway, with Assistant Chief Constable Julian Kirby, of South Wales Police, who should obviously be sacked, bleating incoherently:

The role of Police Community Support Officers is to develop and sustain community cohesion, which they are valued for here in South Wales. Their work to improve the quality of life for residents comes to fruition in a variety of ways and has made a real difference.

Another immediately sackable non-job bureaucrat at Nottinghamshire Police simply wittered on about the fact that PCSOs have been involved in detecting many more crimes than the official figures show, but the detection is allocated to a police officer under standard reporting systems.

But as the totally reliable and entirely appropriately used statistics show, PCSOs are clearly a total waste of money and sacking’s probably too good for them.

The shock figures have been picked up by national and regional media outlets across the country, with more high quality, in-depth reporting on the Press Association figures emerging from the Daily Mail  again [update: the TPA spokesman has recovered from apoplexy as this article has been written and has wisely condemned the scheme as ‘a device for politicians’ ]. 

It is thought likely that at some point Daily Mail reporters will remember that they did the same story with massively different figures just recently, as the newspaper has far too much journalistic credibility just to keep on taking figures given it at face value, making no cross-referencing attempts at all, and then just ringing up the TPA for a quote.

Regional newspaper websitees joining the totally justifiable and impeccably researched condemnations include Pendle Today, the Buchan Observer, The Rye and Battle Observer, The York Star, the Uttoxeter Advertiser, the Leigh Journal and the Mid-Devon Star


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  1. Jimmy Riddle
    January 1, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    If there were no PCSOs, who would your site complain about, PCs? Who knows?

    Also, PCSOs are not there to detect crime, they are there to help prevent, gather intelligence, tackle anti-social behaviour, etc.

    As the gov’t want to save so much money, it’s either a case of a PCSO walking your beat, or nobody at all. Which would you prefer? You’d probably prefer anarchy and a world on fire.

    • January 1, 2011 at 11:27 pm

      #1: Have another read through the post and I think you might just spot it’s satire about the completely appalling journalistic standards at the Daily Mail/Express etc.

      I think PCSO’s have been a good thing.

  1. December 30, 2010 at 12:48 pm

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