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Thanks Chris Grayling! Now I have sympathy for the SWP

This is what the employment minister said:

“What’s happened in the last week is we’ve got a lot of companies who are very jumping, they’re coming under pressure from a big internet campaign that is being run by an organisation that is a front for the socialist workers party.

“Now the high street retail sector is going through a tough time at the moment. If you’re running a company and you’re getting streams of e-mails attacking you it’s very unsettling. It’s a false campaign.

“Let me give you an example, my own e-mail address was hacked by this organisation and used to lodge a complaint with Tesco so I don’t accept the scale of the campaign is very large. It’s a small number of activists who are deliberately targeting these companies and are trying to destabilised them.

The SWP wouldn’t know a computer from a hobby horse. I remember a time when they were reluctant to have a website, then a Twitter account, the thought of them hacking computers is laughable.

Their aggressive campaigns are born of newspaper selling, they spend most of their time making placards for the campaigns they stick their noses in, and the chances of anything technical happening at their annual meetings is zilch.

But then Grayling is clearly talking out his hat, too. It makes you wonder, when he says socialist workers’ party, does he mean to say just socialists. Is a McCarthyite revival really necessary?

Anyway he has backtracked now. Huffpo put it:

The employment minister Chris Grayling has had to backtrack on claims that his email had been hacked by campaigners against a Government work experience scheme, which is continuing to attract controversy.

We’ll nip the politics of Joe in the bud now, and I can get back to not sympathising with the SWP post-haste.

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