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Unpaid work: will Priti Patel MP now apologise?

It is amusing to note Tory loon Priti Patel MP making a formal protest to the BBC about its supposed leftwing bias in its coverage of people forced to into unpaid “work experience”.

It is amusing because a month ago the BBC apologised formally to me for its poor news coverage of a government announcement on that very matter.  

That announcement deliberately sought to obscure the detail  the very unpaid Work Experience programme that is now at the centre of the furore.  The BBC fully accepts that it gave a false representation of the facts, suggesting that £1bn was being spent on subsidies to employers, whereas in fact £406m of that £1bn is earmarked for contracts with the like the notorious A4E, allowing them to push people into unpaid work experience.

So will Patel now apologise for not having noticed the BBC’s earlier apology, and accept that the BBC has been caught red-handed showing rightwing rather than leftwing bias. 

I suspect not.

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  1. christoff
    February 27, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    Of course she won’t she’s a fucking Tory.

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