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Don’t vote George Galloway (part 17 of an ongoing series)

Say with gusto the names George Bush and Tony Blair in your head, but with George Galloway’s voice, and you probably feel as I do – stirred and a little bit angry.

You may, like me, even hear the raged voice of Galloway as he said these names during the debate with the late Christopher Hitchens, in New York, 2005, when they debated the merits of the war on terror – George Dubble you Boosh and Tawny Baalayre.

Those devilish men made George Galloway. When asked about his incomings once, higher than a kite on a windy day, and his foreign travel, much unlike many of his comrades and enemies in the houses of parliament, Galloway justified them on the grounds that he was having to save the world from imperialism.

Not really, of course. Imperialism comes in many forms. Galloway’s anti-imperialism is against the devil you know – he assumes you don’t know the others. His love of authoritarian politics is something quite profound, often wrapped up in the sort of language we on the left just love.

Do you remember when he interviewed Ahmadinejad? His excellency Galloway would refer to him as. All eyes were on Galloway to mention Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtani, the woman in Iran who was due to be put to death by stoning for supposedly committing adultery.

After so much “softballing” I started to warm to Galloway, perhaps now he’ll mention her. It’s all been nice up until the big finale when Galloway lays into the Iranian president for appealing to backward laws, homophobia and holocaust denial. Nah:

Final question Mr President, every so often an issue comes along, which is seized upon by the enemies of Iran, and magnified, and it becomes a heavy problem. One such is the punishment, scheduled originally against a woman convicted of adultery. The so called stoning case. I see that president Lula from Brazil has asked Iran if he can take this woman into exile there, to solve this problem. Can Iran agree to this? [my emphasis]

Could they? No. Ahmadinejad said in the interview he would “prefer to export technology, not such people to Brazil.” Interview over. The Galloway that destroys US senators in courts of law was reduced to spineless fool.

As I made the point before on the subject:

Galloway made no mention of the fact that even within Islamic law itself, adultery cannot be proven satisfactorily before the perpetrator has confessed under free conditions on three separate occasions, or if four males, whom the court are happy to trust, actually witness the act of penetration – rendering the charge of adultery almost impossible unless these things have been satisfied.

Galloway made no mention of Mohammed Mostafaei, the lawyer of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtani, who is on the run from Iranian authorities after receiving a course of intimidation from them, who also pray on his wife and his brother in law who have been arrested.

Galloway did not mention the human rights abuses, particularly of women; in fact Galloway missed an opportunity so golden, I fail to see why we should listen to a single further word he has to say.

Mr Galloway knows how to make a clear, tangible argument, and is normally not afraid of doing so. But if he thinks he has satisfied his critics by asking Ahmadinejad a few soft questions, and not challenging him or his legitimacy as both President and bringer of justice, then he is wrong.

Mr Galloway is a coward and no element of the left wing in this or any other country should have anything else to do with him. He represents a perversion of politics based upon befriending those who his enemies distrust, and no sensible political theory or action can rest upon this.

And yet people are about to vote for him tomorrow on a left wing ticket.

He preferred to take his fight against imperialism to the big brother house than parliament when MP for Bethnal Green, and was summarily thrown out there. The Glaswegians didn’t want him as their MSP so he is going to try and take Bradford West.

The Conservative candidate is said to be “delighted” because he is splitting the Labour vote – can’t they see what’s going on here. He doesn’t care about you, or me or Bradford, or Glasgow or Bethnal Green, or Joe Public, or man-in-the-street. He uses these people to champion himself. He is the political Apotamkin, devilish creatures who feed off the blood of others and live forever trying to win elections in areas where they can stoke up tension.

Don’t vote for him Bradford West – he’s a slimey creature who will use you to channel his own perverted views. He is without backbone, without care for social progress. He is Kilroy with a Keffiyeh. He is making fun of the UK and its parliament. Don’t let him be dignified.

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  1. March 28, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    Has Mr Galloway chosen to stand in Bradford West for any reason other than the abundance of South Asians of a particular faith? I mean, has he even tried to justify standing there on any other terms? I’ve gone to his website and all I can see is Yvonne Ridley and Carole Swords assuring me that he’s brilliant. Who could question the words of a drivelling third worldist and a convicted thug?

    • March 28, 2012 at 6:35 pm

      My goodness, does he have Ridley on there – do these dreadful people never learn

  2. Jay
    March 28, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    The sad fact is that the Labour candidate is clearly useless. Certainly not parliament material. I’m voting Galloway and I strongly suggest others do the same.

    • March 28, 2012 at 6:43 pm

      Why should one lead to the other – sooner the worst of Labour than the best of Respect, Galloway will run Bradford into the gutter. Don’t let him!!

  3. March 28, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    Reblogged this on Representing the Mambo and commented:
    Good piece on George Galloway. Dave Osler thinks he may have a chance of doing some serious damage in the Bradford West by-election (http://www.davidosler.com/2012/03/bradford-west-respect-redux/).
    Although I’m in favour of a Labour vote I’m not one of those who would attack ay anti-labour candidates as ‘splitters’ if they stood. It is up to Labour to win over those on the left who are considering supporting another candidate.
    Galloway is an interesting case. I understand why so many people on the left like him. He caresses their political g-spots and possesses a soaring oratorical style that the left probably needs to win the propaganda argument.
    However he grovelled before the butcher of Iraqi left, Saddam Hussain, has a relationship with the brutal Iranian regime that is extremely unhealthy, to put it mildly, his persnal finances are a little murky and one does get the feeling that he considers himself better than the mere mortals whom he expects to vote for him.
    Respect, his seemingly resurrected political vehicle, has a history of cynical communalist politics and playing to the more reactionary elements in Muslim communities in their attempts to win votes.
    If he was the Labour candidate I would vote for him (and his expulsion from the party was an outrage) but I’m not sure what his ‘independent’ candidacy is actually meant to achieve.

  4. Raibert
    March 28, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    Wee Galloway, aka George Goneaway, will not be shaking up Westminster – if he gets in, he’ll hardly be there ….

    In the five years he represented his East London constituency he only turned up for 98 votes – 7.6% of the total – he was away performing in Big Brother rather than vote on a Railway issue which was of interest to his constituency.

    Gorgeous George, aka, Gruesome George, in Scotland, tried to get into Holyrood to top up his various incomes – the Scots seen through him and gave him a body-swerve.

    Wee Galloway the socialist (lol) is hurtin’ real bad because he lost his Westminster money and he hopes to get back into Westminster via Bradford. Money into his bank account whilst he’s off to the Middle East – his real constituency.

  5. Raibert
    March 28, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    This is the same wee Galloway who invited callers to contact his talkSPORT programme with the best joke about the then President Bush who was going through an exploratory examination for bowel cancer. Bush was attending hospital for his exploratory colonoscopy, Galloway asked callers to contact his show and offered a prize (signed copy of his wee comic book) for the funniest ”rear end” joke. A colonoscopy is probably the most common and reliable examination to detect cancerous tumours in the bowel. And Galloway’s reply to a complaint about his anti-Bush cancer insults – ‘‘And yes I would have offered a prize for the best cancerous tumour joke about Bush, if he wasn’t one already.’’

    This is the same wee Galloway who, on his own admittance, helped remove Menzies Campbell from being the leader of the Lib Dems by continually making shameful remarks about Mr. Campbell’s age, jokes and referring to him as ”old Ming”, ‘‘does Ming have his zimmer’’ etc. at a time when Menzies Campbell was being treated for cancer.

    And this is the same wee obnoxious Galloway who attempted to start up a campaign awareness of bowel cancer. The campaign failed to materialize. Galloway the wee nyaff is obviously the wrong class of person to front a cancer campaign – or any campaign

  6. Raibert
    March 28, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    23 talkSport Radio 7 JULY 2007.

    Andrew asked him …. Do you believe in GOD and if so why?

    Galloway reply …


    Galloway – the wee nyaff in past reference to other people ….

    I think (Rupert) Murdoch is a malignant tumour in the heart of British public life. / Danny Alexander – The Ginger Rodent / Dr Liam Fox – The little peepsquick defence secretary / British US based Christopher Hitchens – pre Senate speech – A bloated, drink-sodden, former Trotskyist lunatic, who is just walking around as a sort of bag lady in Washington. / Jeremy Clarkston – That boiling, broiling vat of passed water. That grotesque spectacle of that vat, that vat of vile bile called Jeremy Clarkston. / News Of The World Journalists – Hard-bitten, flea-bitten, dirty-raincoated, filthy hack and reptile. / “Sepp Blatter (FIFA) – His entire context is of a sexist, misogynist, reactionary purveyor of drivel – he’s a driveling, racist and misogynistic and sexist bigot.

    No such wondering from me – I look at Galloway and I see a wee money-loving, bigoted, sectarian, hypocrite.

  7. DrP
    March 29, 2012 at 7:23 am

    I love George Galloway, He gives voice to opinions many of us share but are filtered out in the right wing media. Those imperial/oil/defend Israel at all cost wars have killed the sons of our soil to no purpose other than keeping the US economy afloat – dependent as it is on arms manufacture and deployment. I listen to what ordinary folk say and they don’t want to be there, don’t understand why we are there, do understand that being there creates more terrorists. The emperor has no clothes. He was right about Iraq, he’s right about Afghanistan and his only crime (despite having being libeled many times and won) is to speak truth to power. We need more George Galloways and less lick spittle apologists for the wrecking of this nation and others abroad.

  8. Ellis
    March 30, 2012 at 3:26 am

    Given the opportunity to vote for an anti-imperialist, with impeccable credentials assembled when all the major parties and the media have been warmongering islamophobes, a candidate making a real issue of unemployment and attacks on the poor, our blogger counsels continued support for the Labour Party.

    • March 30, 2012 at 9:29 am

      Sorry, impeccable credentials? Give over. With half the chance, his politics instituted would see war like no other, he’s a sectarian politician. We saw it in Bethnal Green, we’ll see it again in Bradford West. You’re just doing down the devil you know because you’re a simple person, but lest we sleep walk into autocratic nightmare I’m grateful for those who decided to take out their despair on Galloway. If he was in someone elses tribe I wouldn’t care, but he runs on a left wing platform, and the left is my tribe and I don’t want it perverted with his sort. Grow a fucking spine.

  9. modernity's ghost
    March 30, 2012 at 3:51 pm


    Not staying, just saw your post on Liberal Conspiracy.

    Very good piece.

    Any reasoned analysis of Galloway’s motives would see how he fosters communalism, is out for himself and will pander to any dictator that helps him.

    And how in the long run he will leave the people of Bradford disappointed by his antics.

    The wider problem is, Labour have no one to counter him.

    That seems unlikely to change with the current LP leadership as they try to outflank the Tories mostly from the Right.

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