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Selous the zealous

It’s always useful to remember how stupid some Tories are.

Here’s Andrew Selous, MP for SW Bedfordshire, zealously sucking up at PMQs today:

 Does the Prime Minister agree that the United Kingdom’s retention of its triple A status, when France lost its triple A rating this week, shows that the UK retains the confidence of international markets because of the difficult but necessary decisions that we are taking?

Selous actually appears to think rating agencies and the international markets are the same thing.

Clearly used to this stuff, Cameron replies on autopilot:

My hon. Friend makes a good point. Because we have set out a clear plan, we are able to have low interest rates and international confidence, which is line 1, paragraph 1 of the proper growth plan for the UK.

Anyway, it’s worth just checking how those international markets reacted to the Moody’s downgrade of France this week, with a quick look at the France 10 year bond yield before and after 19 November (actually Moody’s downgraded late on 19th):
Ooh, a really scary blip.
Let’s just check the UK 10 year rate for comparison:
Ah right. Same very small blip.  Cameron’s taling bollocks, then.
(Info from Bloomberg.)
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