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We’re Trying this Again?

May 23, 2008 Leave a comment

Karl RoveWell, apparently House Judiciary Cmte. Chairman Conyers has subpoenaed Karl Rove.

Can someone say “deja vu all over again?”

Don’t we remember that the Senate tried this already? Don’t we remember that the U.S. Senate Judiciary Cmte. found him in contempt of Congress? Don’t we recall that the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, from orders from the Attorney General refused to prosecute him for contempt of Congress? Don’t we remember that Congressman Wexler recommended Congress use its inherent contempt powers?

Karl Rove, left

Why are we going through this process again when it is clear that no office of the Executive Branch is going to aid Congress in shedding light on any number of the scandals Rove has been involved in? Although this subpoena is ostensibly for different purpose, to discuss Rove’s role in the prosecution of former Governor Siegelman (D-AL), when the first was just for Rove’s role generally in the US Attorney scandal, why does the House think that it will get any different results than the Senate Judiciary Committee? What needs to be done is that the inherent contempt powers of Congress need to be utilized: the House needs to try Rove for contempt and lock him up until the end of the session.


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